Three Alarm Outdoor Lighting


Landscape lighting will not only add elegance and safety to any property, but will instantly add value and curb appeal as well. With an LED low voltage system, you can expect minimal electricity usage but a landscape lighting system that will last you for many years to come. Our team of lighting designers will help you transform your biggest investment into a nighttime oasis that you and your family can enjoy every night!

Whether you already have an existing landscape lighting system in place and simply need it serviced or you are in need of a brand new lighting system for your property, our team of lighting experts are here to help you accomplish your goals!



Our process starts with a free assessment where our team will walk the property with you to learn about your needs and take notes about the property architecture and landscaping.

Next, we will schedule a night time demo where our team will set up landscape lighting lights on your property to showcase the possibilities of adding landscape lighting to your property.  After the landscape lighting demo, we will provide you a custom landscape lighting quote for your property.

Installation day! Our team will arrive at your home at a pre-schedule date and time to begin the installation process. Although we will be burying wire throughout your property, our goal is to disturb your landscaping as least as possible and leave minimal evidence we were there!  

After installation, we will fine tune your lighting system to make sure it’s perfect for you and your family before reveal night. 

REVEAL NIGHT! Invite your family, friends, and neighbors…we want reveal night to be an experience for everyone to see your new property! Seeing your home go from a dark property to well-lit and showcasing the architecture of your home, is something that no one will forget.