Three Alarm Outdoor Lighting


Three Alarm Outdoor Lighting offers FULL-SERVICE holiday lighting installation for residential & commercial properties in Fort Bend County and the surrounding areas. We use commercial-grade materials, including LED bulbs, that will last for years and make your home or business stand out!

Being full-service, not only do we install the lights, we also maintain them throughout the season, take down the lights in January, and store them for you year-round in our warehouse, leaving you more space in your garage or attic. 

How it works:


After you contact us, we will work with you to design the best looking home on your street, while also working within your budget. Once we finalize the design, we will send your quote via email for your approval and scheduling. 


Our crew will arrive to your home on your scheduled day and custom-fit LED Christmas lights on your home. Along with your new lights, our crew will provide extension cords, digital timers, and all other materials needed for your install, which are included in your price. 


Another feature included in your price is a warranty on your materials and decor all season! Although we use high-quality, commercial-grade products, we will be out within 48 hours to correct any issues you find with your decorations once notified. 


Beginning January 2nd, we will start removing decorations throughout our service area. 


Everyone’s favorite service! During removal, we will properly store and label the decorations with your information on it. We’ll then bring the decorations to our warehouse and store them for you year-round. This means less clutter in your garage or attic 10 months out of the year!